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tv   KRON 4 News at 4  KRON  February 23, 2011 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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>>live, from the bay area's news station, this is kron4 news at 4:00. >>pam: this is the scene last night at the mount yellow's school board meeting with parents and teachers found out the board had decided it would not close any additional schools. it was a huge relief for westwood ends over what elementary schools. mount diablo budget problems do not just go away, as dan term and tells us now the board president
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said the work is really just beginning. >>dan: here was what elementary in concord, parents and teachers are pleased the school board has decided not to shut down the school. the same feeling at silver would elementary. the school board president said the work is not over. he said it's now time for parents and teachers to campaign to make sure that the governor's tax extension proposal passes. he says without this district will have to cut $25 million. >> another $25 million, we would have to shorten our school year 102 months. i know how we would cope with that. >> the field have to go a step further and revisit the idea of a partial tax. a $99 parcel tax would generate about seven and a half million dollars a year. why have it? without you just
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maintain the status quo. with it there's a possibility of restoring things to this district such as reducing class size and possibly the restoration of instrumental music and a budget for school sports. in concord, kron 4 news. >>pam: our team coverage continues with kron 4 will try and went is over what elementary which was saved from being shut down. >>reporter: and with tracy and assured before this morning said saves over what elementary. now it's said we save this over what elementary. i woke up on cloud nine, i'm a teacher here an apparent here and a homeowner one block away. this is my life. i feel like i was at the end of the plank in now were safe. >>reporter: were you at last night's meeting? >> i spoke at last night's meeting. we had an indication of microwave
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because the superintendent blog over the weekend that he was going to recommend for no more closures. with the superintendent says and what the board does are two different things. >>reporter: your reaction when they said silver what is safe? >> i screamed. it tears of joy running down my face the drive home. >>reporter: even though her t-shirt says we saved silver would elementary, nobody has touched the sign and will probably be up for some time. so for what it is far from out of the woods because, at the tax extension does not get on the ballot and it doesn't pass, by the voters come june that we could be here all over again. tracy said she plans to build and a couple months from now to do everything she can to get the tax measures passed. reporting from concord, kron 4 news. >>pam: snow could be coming to the bay area by this weekend. that's something we
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haven't seen since the 1970's. these are historic pictures of the mount hamilton area from the 1940's when as much as a foot and a half of snow fell across the diablo mountains and other bay area peaks. these pictures were provided by history san jose. jacqueline bennett is here to tell us when this bill could hit. >>jacqueline: it would be mostly friday night in saturday morning we would see this snow. let's take a look inside. it doesn't look like will see storms with this kind of picture. a couple of systems, one in the north already bringing snow to portland and seattle. it will dip down into the bay area tomorrow afternoon, into friday. it's a cold the storm that's what will bring us a chance of snow. right now temperatures are mild and the low to mid 50's. 59 and fairfield, 52
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san francisco, 56 san jose. the winds are picking up, wind speeds in the teens in the north bay. in novato 13, 13 in oakland, 15 in san francisco. the winds will pick up this evening in a specially tomorrow. increasing cloud cover this evening, tomorrow morning cloudy and cool. the rate will start at ground two in the north bay and slide south during the evening. we will see areas of heavy rain and thunderstorms as well. we will take a look at one that snow white fall, coming up in a bit. jonathan blum is a better look at what we can see at specific levels. >>jonathan: we have an oversimplified version of the snow on google earth. the cold there will cause no in the bay area. the places where you almost definitely sees no are the places over 1,000 ft.. those will be
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circled in blue. the diablo not range and of course the tops of the east bay hills and mount diablo itself. the areas we circled the white those are lower areas those are areas where we may see snow overnight when the snow level actually gets down even lower to 500 ft. or less. he could see the areas circling mount tam of pious, and in the city of san francisco we may see snow around 26. it weakened rearmost ago coolers and we could see the elevation there is a little bit shy of 1,000 ft.. it is high enough we might see snow during the overnight hours when the storm passes through. as we pulled out from our google earth map, the top of the bay hills almost certain to get snow but the areas around them, will probably get a dusting of snow that may or may not stick over night. >>pam: apple is about to unveil the next i pad, we're joined by gabe slate and certainly a lot of people waiting for this. yesterday
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the zoom was introduced the tablet. >>gabe: apple sent out an invite to the press and in the mail is a picture, it said one week from today wednesday at 10:00 a.m. we are having a press event marked your date. were sure this is about the i pad two. the words under that say come see what 2011 will be all about. here's what i think the next i pad needs to have to stay on top to be the top tablet to compete. as we know the motorola zoom is coming out tomorrow. here things apple needs to stay on top. a camera, a high- resolution screen with more pixels maybe use the new read a display that was on the i phone 4. it needs to be lighter, thinner and faster. the it needs and hdmi output cecum watch
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video from your i pad on your living room tv. and i think it needs to be the same price as it is now or cheaper. $500 to $800 depending on the model. we will find out a week today what is in the new i pad. >>pam: of the apple fans on pins and needles. let's involve the other side of the coin which is happening with steve jobs. there's still talk about who would follow him if he's not able to come back and leave the company. >>gabe: there's news today, a portion of the shareholders that attended the meeting wanted to request from the company that they come up with an official on paper plan strategy if steve jobs health continues to get worse or few leaves apple. he is currently the ceo and making the decisions. they say they want a plan the
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word about their stock. the shareholders were saying we won an official plan word about our stock. they voted, not enough shareholders one of that from apple. it was voted down. apple does not have to publish publicly what they're going to do it steve jobs should leave or get killed. >>pam: there'll be more with you at 5:00. the cave just mentioned is video surfaced on line of steve jobs looking more frail than before. our internet reporter kimberly has a look for us. the >>kimberlee: this video was posted on line, it shows steve and his wife walking a few short steps for restaurant to a car. they say this took place february 8th. you did see a six-foot to frame always slender but looking really thin. a source was quoted as saying, that he was very frail
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moving like an old man. they highlight this moment here that job seemly loses his balance and stumbles a little bit and tries to regain sure footing. but stick a look at the next set of pictures. remember these photos from the national enquirer showing him walking into the cancer center in palo alto. pictures reportedly taken tuesday showing the executive looking very frail and got to. although the rumors of his long- running battle with cancer has returned, shareholders did not address the issue directly at the meeting be on wishing him well. >>pam: a crash involving a big rig and s u v have both directions of highway 92 in san mateo close this afternoon. it happened east of the memorial park cemetery after 2:00 p.m.. one person suffered major injuries and was trapped in one of the vehicles. the chp has just reopen highway 92. that's the latest update. we
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will be right back with more news, weather and traffic in a few moments..
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>>pam: it's time to take a look the stock market. the dow jones down over 107 points. the nasdaq also down 33 points. a lot of this has to do with what's going on internationally. at rob black is here to talk about your money. what's going on with the money around the world now the oil situation is drafting a lot of concern. i do want to gut fear, fear is certainly at there is an? >>reporter: it's wherewe'll. what's next. it appears many of the arab states as well as the african states, they may propose to the leaders. but there's a tie is tied to policies and energy policies. >>pam: so much uncertainty
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we don't know who will step in and fill and a lot of locations. we had a better relationship of understanding of tenacious and egypt and we had some influence. not so libya and other countries. >>rob: libya is not that much more important for oil, the the african countries are all that important in the world of oil. it's the middle east. iraq, or ron, saudi arabia. the royal family started giving people extra money, the increased health care benefits, and retirement benefits because they're fearful this will spread into their nation. >>pam: saudi arabia also mentioned they would step in if there was a cutback of oil coming out of some of these locations. uncertainty will subtly drive the market. >>rob: saudi arabia increased capacity when oil
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hit $100 a barrel. if they do have legal room to help us out which is good. so far it's not a problem. the bigger issue, it will fit effect the american economy. we would suffer from anything from fedex to local bars and restaurants. anyone who gets product delivered, you and i drive to and from work will have less money to spend on our economy. right now what is a political headline events. it is what the market needed a great reason the sell-off. it doesn't affect the fundamentals of the united states yet. >>pam: we will talk with rob more about the fundamentals of your money. will be back in a few minutes.
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>>pam: a developing story to tell you about, a seven year-old boy is missing in that bus. he did not return home from the school. for details on the incident, we
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have our representative on the phone. apollo what can you jealous? >>caller: at this time we can tell you the now but police departments is out right now searching for a little missing seven year- old boy. his name is christian. christian is a seven year-old white male juvenile, he was last seen at no. what elementary school at 12:45 p.m. when he was released from school and never made it home. question it is blond hair, blue eyes and was last seen wearing blue jeans and a long sleeve blue shirt with black band. >>pam: does he normally walk home alone after school? >>caller: yeses home is very close to the school. at this point we have nothing to indicate there's foul play involved. >>pam: are you considering this a run away case?
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>>caller: at this point we have not classified as that just classified it as a missing juvenile. we have 18 of are now the police department officers, sgt, detectives assigned to the case rate now. there out combing the area, searching school grounds, friends' homes and parks. the department of search and rescue is surging as well. also the fire department on duty personnel have been notified as well. >>pam: if you can get picture to us that what help us help you. thank you so much napa police spokesperson. seven year-old boy question is missing he did not return home from school. we will keep you posted. >>jacqueline: we are bracing for a winter storm that hit the sierra, but locally. he could see the areas highlighted in white on the screen. through the north
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bay a winter weather advisory is now in effect lasting for tomorrow afternoon into early friday morning with snow levels dropping to 1,000 ft. by friday morning. we will see one to 6 in. of accumulated snow. the higher totals up to 6 in. in the higher elevations. down at a thousand feet it will block allegis be about an inch of snow. down south, the east bay hills, the diablo range all under a winter storm watch. snow levels will be a thousand feet, same type of accumulation one to 6 in. with the heaviest month snow above 2,000 ft.. let's take a look at future cast for what kind of rain and snow were expecting. by 3:00 tomorrow, a showers through the north bay. this will be a very cold storm. by thursday evening it p.m., heavier sell pushing through the north bay. heavier snow showers and the higher elevations. continuing
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south, we will see temperatures drop off dramatically into friday morning. these areas where the yellow are will see heavier snow showers. 6:00 a.m. friday morning more heavier rain and snow mixed. it o'clock friday the precipitation winding down a bit. this is water snow levels will drop even lower. the question remains how much moisture will be left to produce that snow. we'll talk more about the some of the church to the forecast coming up a bit. stay with us we'll be right back.
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>>pam: human rights groups say the uprising in libya has now claimed more than 1000 lives. president barack obama called the violence outrageous and unacceptable. the libyan leader is remaining defiant as more of his country flips from his control . >>z journalists banned from the capital the only images of the on rest are amateur videos posted on the internet. this reportedly
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shows the office of gadhafi's revolutionary party in flames. in another protesters attack and that a giant poster of the leader. one eyewitness say gangs by the government are roaming for the streets looking for protesters. >> i'm afraid of what's happening. the regime is doing everything they can and they're very desperate. they're fighting with every last breath. >>pam: despite the efforts the rebels are moving closer. these pictures are from the ford city just one notch and 20 mi. from the middle city. it's the first town in the western half to fall into the rebel hands. were the uprising started, to air force pilots parachuted from their bomber rather than follow orders to attack the city. the towns of durabath and holbrook have also shaken off government rule. along the egyptian border for more oil
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workers are streaming out of the country. the libyan on rest is driving up crude oil prices. today the past $100 a barrel for the first time since 2008. the united states does not import any oil directly from libya but, any threat to the worldwide supply will affect the price of crude. we will be back much more news after the break.
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